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Crocodile 4-in-one

Assay miniWorkstation

Crocodile assay workstation is the ideal instrument for your microplate assay preparation and automation where dispense, wash, shake and incubate steps are needed. These four functions are provided at a footprint of only one instrument thus saving valuable bench space.

The Crocodile Control Software allows flexible combination of all required steps. The instrument is easy to operate, extremely reliable and requires only minimal routine maintenance. 


• LIA/CLIA (Luminescence Immuno Assay)

• FIA (Fluorescence Immuno Assay)

• DNA Array/Microarray

• Antigen/Protein Array

• Multiplex Bead Assays

•Multi-function processor (dispenser, washer, shaker and incubator)

•Compact workstation (26.5 cm wide)

•Unattended operation


•Easy hardware set-up 

•Fast start, flexible software

•Open system 

Crocodile miniWorkstation 4-in-one for automated processing of microplate assays  

IQ/OQ/PQ qualification package for Crocodile miniWorkstation

Crocodile Training at Titertek-Berthold. Duration: 1 day