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Colibri Microvolumen Spectrometer
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Microvolume Spectrometer

Colibri is a microvolume spectrometer for measuring the smallest volumes of DNA, RNA, proteins and more. Colibri is ready for use straight out of the box and measurement takes less than 5 seconds. 
The on-board software is available in various languages and offers 9 ready to use protocols operated by a colour touchscreen. 

The sample is enclosed thus eliminating evaporation. The measurement chamber is surrounded by permanently hydrophobic varnish, never requiring any reconditioning.

• Determination of nucleic acid concentration and purity of nucleic acid samples without dilution

• Fluorescent dye labeling density of nucleic acid microarray samples

• Purified protein analysis (A280)

• Bradford, BCA, Lowry Assay for protein quantification

• Expanded spectrum measurement and quantitation of fluorescent dye labeled proteins, conjugates, and metalloproteins 

• Cell density

• General UV-Vis spectrophotometry

• Measurement in less than 5 seconds

• Stand-alone (no PC required)

• Patented optical design

• No frequent reconditioning

• Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish  

• Print and data export options

Colibri Overview

Colibri DNA Quantification

Colibri Protein Quantitation

Colibri bacteria cell culture measurements

Colibri Bradford protein assay

Colibri Microvolume Spectrometer with on-board computer and software, touchscreen & softkeys 

Colibri licence for activation of one additional language. Available languages: Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish