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Sirius II Tube Luminometer
Sirius II Tube Luminometer
Sirius II Tube Luminometer
Sirius II Tube Luminometer
Sirius II Tube Luminometer

Sirius II

Tube Luminometer

Sirius II is a compact and supersensitive tube luminometer with built-in touch screen computer. Light collection is maximized through both the proximity of the sample to the detector and the use of optimized light reflectors surrounding the sample vial.

The instrument is upgradeable with up to two injectors, making this luminometer a perfect choice for luminescence flash assays. A variety of sample formats can be loaded and used for injection.

· Reporter gene assays, including dual-reporter assays

· Rapid detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures: Lonza MycoAlert™

· ATP assays

· Cell proliferation, cytotoxicity and biomass assays

· Apoptosis assays

· Cellular luminescence/reactive oxygen species

· Environmental toxicity and mutagenicity assays

  • Sensitive: Detects less than 0.5 zmol of firefly luciferase.
  • Stand-alone: Integrated touchscreen software with advanced capabilities.
  • Connected: Results can be exported to a USB stick or printed, even to network printers.
  • Operation via PC software is also available.

  • Unmatched flexibility: Flash or Glow: up to two reagent injectors.
  • Touchscreen orientation according to your preferences, wide range of sample formats.
  • Multilingual: In addition to the English default language, more languages are available.
  • Always up to date: Install available updates from a USB memory stick, just with tapping the “update” button

Sirius II-0, Single Tube Luminometer with touchscreen operation

Sirius II-1, Single Tube Luminometer with one reagent injector, touchscreen operation

Sirius II-2, Single Tube Luminometer with two reagent injectors, touchscreen operation

Luminescence TestTube for validation 

IQ/OQ/PQ Qualification Package 

Sirius L/II injection sample holder/reflector for microfuge vials 

5 ml vials, 75x12 mm, 500 pieces