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Orion II Microplate Luminometer
Orion II Microplate Luminometer
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Orion II Microplate Luminometer

Orion II

Microplate Lumimometer

Orion II is a high quality microplate luminometer for 96 and 384 well plates. It is a state-of-the-art instrument offering complete configuration flexibility. It can be equipped with up to four reagent injectors and temperature control.

Orion II features the highest sensitivity thanks to highly efficient optics and photon counting mode. Reagents can be connected easily, and the low dead volume saves costly reagents. Double Injection Design (DID) allows parallel processing of samples and saves valuable assay time.

• Easy access to the wet system

• Easy upgrade with additional injectors

• Low dead volume (450 µl)

• Dedicated luminescence software functions (single, dual, kinetics)

• Built-in shaking

• Temperature control (42/50°C)

• Fast throughput through simultaneous injection

• Quick & unlimited flexibility of assay setup

• Robot compatible

Orion II 96-well Microplate Luminometer

Orion II 96-well Microplate Luminometer, 42°C incubation

Orion II 96-well Microplate Luminometer, 50°C incubation

Orion II 96- / 384-well Microplate Luminometer

Injector assembly for Orion II Microplate Luminometer

Simplicity Software V.4 Fast Kinetics, Dual Measurement, Batch Protocol Licences

Luminescence TestPlate for validation 

IQ/OQ/PQ Qualification Package