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Berthold Technologies and Titertek-Berthold join forces

The products of Titertek-Berthold / Berthold Detection Systems GmbH and the life science business of Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG (“Bioanalytic”) have been trusted by scientists in basic research, pharmaceutical, biomedical and applied markets laboratories across the globe for more than half a century. 

We are pleased to announce that our two companies will join forces, effective January 1, 2017 to deliver even greater benefits to our combined customers and business partners through a broadened portfolio of instruments for the life science laboratory:

These range from small standalone readers, such as microvolume spectrometers and luminometers to various dedicated and multimode readers, microplate washers, microplate workstations, RIA and ELISA automation products and high-end imaging systems.

The Berthold Technologies group operates from the Bad Wildbad/Germany headquarter, and has affiliate companies and strong partners globally.

The activities of Titertek-Berthold will be moved to the Berthold Technologies headquarter. The newly combined life science business unit will be led by Dr. Anselm Berthold, owner and president of Titertek-Berthold and shareholder of Berthold Technologies GmbH. 

Bad Wildbad, Germany        
Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Horst Knauff, CEO

Pforzheim, Germany
Titertek-Berthold/Berthold Detection Systems GmbH
Dr. Anselm Berthold, President