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24 h Listeria and Salmonella detection in food matrices

Crocodile miniWorkstation & Orion II microplate luminometer - Application Note 2015-04

Using rRNA provides a specific and sensitive molecular biology method for the detection of pathogenic bacteria in food and environmental samples.

Here we describe the rRNA based LUMIprobe 24 method from Europrobe. LUMIprobe is a fast and easy method for food industry laboratories to confirm absence of pathogenic bacteria in their products.

After 22h enrichment of the sample, the assay preparation was done with Crocodile miniWorkstation (reagent dispensing, shaking, incubation, washing). The microplate was transferred for reading to the Orion II plate luminometer: custom software automatically interprets the RLU results, positive and negative samples could be detected according to relative light units. 
Assay automation with Crocodile reduces working time to 20 minutes for 96 samples.