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Low volume measurement of ssDNA

Colibri Microvolume Spectrometer - Application Note 2013-01

Here we report the measurement of ssDNA Oligonucleotide with Colibri microvolume spectrometer.

Extinction coefficients of nucleic acids are well established and sample concentration will be automatically calculated by Colibri. 

In a first step the concentration of the oligonucleotide stock solution was determined. 2 μl were measured in quadruplicates. Afterwards the stock solution was diluted 1:5 with ddH2O. A 1:2 dilution series in ddH2O was prepared. Measurements were taken in triplicates, measurement volume was 2 μl each. Prior to each measurement series the blank was determined by using ddH2O.

The Colibri microvolume spectrometer shows excellent linearity and sensitivity down to 1ng/μL ssDNA. Predefined protocols and automatic calculation of sample concentration makes measurement fast and convenient.